Monitoring the Successes and Failures of Restaurants Featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

The Quick List


Curious to see which restaurants succeed and which failed after a makeover from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay?

The table below, sorted by season and episode, will help you determine the status of any particular restaurant. You may also click on the individual restaurant link for additional details and commentary particular to that establishment.

Last Updated: 25 June 2012

[US] Season 1 – 2007

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S01E01 Peter’s Bablyon, NY 19-Sep-2007 CLOSED
S01E02 Dillon’s (Purnima) New York, NY 20-Sep-2007 CLOSED
S01E03 The Mixing Bowl Bellmore, NY 3-Oct-2007 CLOSED
S01E04 Seascape Islip, NY 10-Oct-2007 CLOSED
S01E05 The Old Stone Mill Tuckahoe, NY 17-Oct-2007 SOLD
S01E06 Sebastian’s Toluca Lake, CA 7-Nov-2007 CLOSED
S01E07 Finn McCool’s Westhampton, NY 14-Nov-2007 CLOSED
S01E08 Lela’s Pomona, CA 21-Nov-2007 CLOSED
S01E09 Campania Fair Lawn, NJ 28-Nov-2007 CLOSED
S01E10 The Secret Garden Moorpark, CA 12-Dec-2007 OPEN


[US] Season 2 – 2008-2009

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S02E01 Handlebar Mount Sinai, NY 11-Sep-2008 CLOSED
S02E02 Giuseppi’s Macomb Township, NY 18-Sep-2008 CLOSED
S02E03 Trobiano’s Great Neck, NY 25-Sep-2008 CLOSED
S02E04 Black Pearl New York, NY 25-Sep-2008 CLOSED
S02E05 J Willy’s South Bend, IN 30-Oct-2008 CLOSED
S02E06 Hannah & Mason’s Cranbury, NJ 6-Nov-2008 CLOSED
S02E07 Jack’s Waterfront St. Clair Shores, MI 6-Nov-2008 OPEN
S02E08 Sabatiello’s Stamford, CT 13-Nov-2008 CLOSED
S02E09 Fiesta Sunrise West Nyack, NY 13-Nov-2008 CLOSED
S02E10 Sante La Brea Los Angeles, CA 20-Nov-2008 CLOSED
S02E11 Cafe 36 La Grange, IL 15-Jan-2009 CLOSED


[US] Season 3 – 2010

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S03E01 Hot Potato Cafe Philadelphia, PA 29-Jan-2010 CLOSED
S03E02 Flamango’s (The Junction) Whitehouse Station, NJ 2-Feb-2010 CLOSED
S03E03 Bazzini Ridgewood, NJ 5-Feb-2010 CLOSED
S03E04 Mojito Brooklyn, NY 25-Feb-2010 OPEN
S03E05 Lido di Manhattan Manhattan Beach, CA 4-Mar-2010 OPEN
S03E06 Le Bistro Lighthouse Point, FL 11-Mar-2010 OPEN
S03E07 Casa Roma (AV Roadhouse) Lancaster, CA 12-Mar-2010 OPEN
S03E08 Mama Rita’s Newbury Park, CA 19-Mar-2010 CLOSED
S03E09 Anna Vincenzo’s Boca Raton, FL 26-Mar-2010 CLOSED
S03E10 Fleming Miami, FL 7-May-2010 CLOSED
S03E11 Sushi-Ko Thousand Oaks, Ca 14-May-2010 CLOSED


[US] Season 4- 2011

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S04E01 Spanish Pavilion Harrison, NJ 21-Jan-2011 OPEN
S04E02 Classic American West Babylon, NY 28-Jan-2011 OPEN
S04E03 PJ’s Steakhouse (PJ’s Grill) Queens, NY 4-Feb-2011 CLOSED
S04E04 Grasshopper Also Carlstadt, NJ 18-Feb-2011 OPEN
S04E05 Davide Boston, MA 25-Feb-2011 OPEN
S04E06 Down City Providence, RI 11-Mar-2011 CLOSED
S04E07 Tavolini Bridgeport, CT 25-Mar-2011 CLOSED
S04E08 Kingston Cafe Pasadena, CA 15-Apr-2011 OPEN
S04E09 La Frite Sherman Oaks, CA 29-Apr-2011 OPEN
S04E10 Capri Eagle Rock, CA 6-May-2011 OPEN
S04E11 Zeke’s Metairie, LA 13-May-2011 OPEN
S04E12 Oceana New Orleans, LA 20-May-2011 OPEN


[US] Season 5 – 2011-2012

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S05E01 Blackberry’s Plainfield, NJ 23-Sep-2011 OPEN
S05E02 Leone’s Montclair, NJ 30-Sep-2011 OPEN
S05E03 Mike & Nellie’s Oakhurst, NJ 7-Oct-2011 CLOSED
S05E04 Luigi’s D’Italia Anaheim, CA 14-Oct-2011 OPEN
S05E05/06 Burger Kitchen Los Angeles, CA 4-Nov-2011 CLOSED
S05E07 The Greek At The Harbor Ventura, CA 18-Nov-2011 OPEN
S05E08 Michon’s College Park, GA 13-Jan-2012 OPEN
S05E09 El Greco Austin, TX 20-Jan-2012 CLOSED
S05E10 Park’s Edge Atlanta, GA 3-Feb-2012 OPEN
S05E11 Spin-A-Yarn Steakhouse Fremont, CA 10-Feb-2012 OPEN
S05E12 Charlie’s La Verne, CA 17-Feb-2012 CLOSED
DS05E13 Cafe Hon Baltimore, MD 24-Feb-2012 OPEN
S05E14 Chiarella’s Philadelphia, PA 23-Mar-2012 OPEN
S05E15 Zocalo Philadelphia, PA 23-Mar-2012 OPEN


[UK] Season 1 – 2004

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S01E01 Bonapartes Restaurant Silsden, England 27-Apr-2004 CLOSED
S01E02 The Glass House Ambleside, England 4-May-2004 OPEN
S01E03 The Walnut Tree Inn Llandewi Skirrid, Wales 11-May-2004 RE-OPENED
S01E04 Moore Place (Esteem) Esher, England 18-May-2004 SOLD


[UK] Season 2 – 2005

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S02E01 La Lanterna Letchworth, England 24-May-2005 CLOSED
S02E02 D-Place Chelmsford, England 31-May-2005 CLOSED
S03E03 Momma Cheri’s Brighton, England 7-Jun-2005 SOLD
S03E04 La Riviera(Abstract) Inverness, Scotland 14-Jun-2005 OPEN


[UK] Season 3 – 2006

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S03E01 Oscar’s Nantwich, England 21-Feb-2006 SOLD
S03E02 The Sandgate Hotel Sandgate, England 28-Feb-2006 SOLD
S03E03 Clubway 41 Blackpool, England 7-Mar-2006 CLOSED
S03E04 La Gondola Derby, England 14-Mar-2006 SOLD


[UK] Season 4 – 2006

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S04E01 La Parra de Burriana Nerja, Spain 14-Nov-2006 CLOSED
S04E02 The Fenwick Arms Claughton, England 21-Nov-2006 CLOSED
S04E03 Rococco (Maggies) King’s Lynn, England 28-Nov-2006 OPEN
S04E04 Morgans Liverpool, England 5-Dec-2006 OPEN


[UK] Season 5 – 2007

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S05E01 Ruby Tate’s Brighton, England 30-Oct-2007 CLOSED
S05E02 Piccolo Teatro Paris, France 6-Nov-2007 CLOSED
S05E05 The Priory Haywards Heath, England 27-Nov-2007 SOLD
S05E06 The Fish and Anchor Lampeter, EAles 4-Dec-2007 CLOSED?
S05E07 Curry Lounge Nottingham, England 11-Dec-2007 OPEN
S05E08 The Granary Thithfield, England 18-Dec-2007 CLOSED


[UK] Great British Nightmares – 2009

Episode: Restaurant: Location: Air Date: Status:
S01E01 The Dovecote Bistro (Martin’s) Devon, England 30-Jan-2009 OPEN
S01E02 The Runaway Girl (Silversmiths) Sheffield, England 30-Jan-2009 OPEN