Monitoring the Successes and Failures of Restaurants Featured on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Charlie’s (Charlie’s Italian Bistro)



S05E12 Restaurant:  Charlie’s (Charlie’s Italian Bistro)
Location:  La Verne, CA
Status:  CLOSED
Episode Description: [Air Date: 17-Feb-12] Chef Gordon Ramsay travels to Charlie’s, an Italian bistro in La Verne, California, where one woman’s dream has become her family’s worst nightmare. The owner, Tatiana, began working at Charlie’s ten years ago as a waitress, and in 2008 she was given the opportunity to buy it. Short of funds, she turned to her mother, Pat, and her sister, Val, for cash. The two schoolteachers financed the purchase and put up their houses as collateral to help Tatiana fulfill her dream.
Source / Links: Yelp – Charlie’s Italian Bistro (CLOSED)

[Ed: Answering machine no longer responds to calls; fast busy/disconnect signal reached when restaurant is dialed.]